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Modified Tennis & Badminton

Low Compression Tennis Balls & Racquet Sets

Discover our range of modified tennis equipment and modified badminton equipment here at Buffalo Sports. Whether for kids, seniors or beginners to racquet sports, our introductory racquets, balls, shuttlecocks and nets can help develop initial skills in a positive and engaging environment. 

Expertly crafted racquets for all ages and lower skill levels

At Buffalo Sports, we understand that the right gear can make a world of difference in a player’s journey, whether you play tennis or badminton. Our range of modified tennis equipment features low-compression tennis balls that bounce slower and lower, making it easier to hit and keep rallying. Enjoy a fun game of backyard paddle tennis with our colourful polypropylene racquets and portable nets. 

For those who prefer a lighter racquet and target, check out our modified badminton equipment. We have short shaft racquets with larger heads, soft foam patekas, badminton balloons and adjustable portable nets. Use patekas to develop hand-eye coordination or lower the net’s height to develop swing, footwork and shot placement — all while improving confidence with modified badminton equipment as players develop techniques and agility.

Get beginner-friendly racquet sports equipment at affordable prices 

At Buffalo Sports, everyone has access to top-quality equipment without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer competitive prices for our collection of modified sports equipment

Browse our modified tennis equipment and help develop amazing hand-eye coordination and powerful strokes in young and new talents. When you want to improve reflexes and agility, among children or older individuals alike, choose from the modified badminton equipment we offer. 

Regardless of the racquet sports you favour, we have beginner-friendly racquets, soft and low-bounce balls and shuttlecocks and safety-first nets. Choose and order from the equipment we carry below — we offer fast delivery times in Australia.