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Hurdle Fitness Training Equipment

Whether you’re teaching a sports class or are an athlete yourself, you would be aware of how essential it is to invest in high-quality hurdle training equipment to have an obstacle course to practice your track skills. Buffalo Sports provides long-lasting hurdles equipment you can count on for the long haul, so you don’t need to worry about any equipment breakdowns or question your safety when training. 

Our easy-to-shop selection of hurdle training equipment 

At Buffalo Sports, we recognise the importance of being prepared with all your fitness equipment for hurdles. Our expansive range of hurdle equipment includes: 

  • Quick-step mini hurdles — Perfect for developing an acute sense of agility, sharpness, and speed, the mini hurdles range in size from 15cm-30cm in fun, bright neon colours. Alternatively, you can opt for our adjustable range to suit your varying needs. Their robust plastic construction is durable and ensures they will last in the long run. 

  • Bar hurdles — Our bar hurdles are adjustable to varying heights, so your bar can grow taller with the more practice you get. For added safety for children, opt for our foam bar range. We even have an international competition hurdle that meets international requirements for high-level competition use. 


Buffalo Sports —your professional provider of fitness equipment for hurdles 

We at Buffalo Sports solely focus on providing you with hurdles equipment that you can depend on for the long-term to be durable, safe, and flexible to your changing needs, whether you’re an athlete or coaching. That’s why we stock such a variety of goods, including stopwatches and timers, javelin equipment, and landing mats

If you have any questions about our products, how to make wholesale purchases, or anything else, contact us today, and one of our valued team members will be more than happy to assist.