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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Playing your favourite sports is fun, but accidents can still happen whether you’re a beginner or a professional. That’s why every coach, trainer, teacher and team must have well-stocked sports first aid kits.

Protect your players with a first aid kit from Buffalo Sports. Our kits have everything you need in one convenient place to help ensure that any small injury that occurs on the court or field can be taken care of immediately.

Choosing the perfect first aid kit

Here at Buffalo Sports, we stock a variety of first aid kits to meet every need. Are you looking for a small bag to carry with you on the go? Our waist bag-style kits are lightweight and transportable and have different compartments for carrying all the necessities.

For something a little more comprehensive, we also carry larger kits with various medical supplies, from first aid cool packs and emergency blankets to plasters, dressings, bandages and more. First aid cool packs are great to have on hand to help treat swelling, aches and more. 

Shop sports first aid kits online at Buffalo Sports

Don’t wait until an injury happens while playing — ensure you’re always prepared with sports first aid kits from Buffalo Sports. Our comprehensive first aid kits, including first aid cool packs, provide the tools and treatments you need to ensure that your players are healthy and sound, even if things get rough during a game or event.

And while you’re shopping for kits, don’t forget to stock up on extra essentials such as first aid cleaners, heat packs, first aid cool packs and more. We even carry stretchers should you want to cover all your first aid bases!

For help choosing the perfect ethically sourced sports first aid kit or placing your order, reach out to our friendly team today, and we’d be happy to assist!