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Physical Tests

At Buffalo Sports, we sell a wide variety of physical fitness test equipment in Australia designed to help you take accurate measurements and elevate your performance. Measure your body composition, strength, cardiovascular fitness and more with our range of tools.

Measure your body composition

Understanding your body composition is crucial to achieving your fitness goals. Our Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a precision instrument meticulously crafted for accurate skinfold thickness measurements.

Unleash your strength

Strength is the foundation of any fitness journey. Our Back, Hand, Shoulder and Arm Dynamometers are your essential tools for measuring leg, back and chest strength with ease.

Test your cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is key to a healthy lifestyle. Our CD Beep Test is an essential piece of physical fitness test equipment that takes your cardio workouts to the next level by syncing your runs with a pre-recorded tape. Challenge yourself and track your improvements as you continuously run between two points 20 metres apart.

Understand respiratory health

Understanding your lung health is crucial for overall fitness. Our Portable Dry Spirometer helps you measure ventilation and identifies abnormal ventilation patterns, whether obstructive or restrictive. Take charge of your respiratory fitness and ensure you're performing at your best!

Discover your range of movement

Flexibility is often overlooked, but is an essential component of fitness. Our Sit n' Reach Trunk Flexibility Box is a type of physical fitness test equipment for measuring your trunk flexibility. With scales printed in both inches and centimetres, this sturdy powder-coated metal construction features a built-in footplate and a maximum stretch indicator.

Shop our range of physical fitness at Buffalo Sports

Whether you're a school, sports club, sporting organisation or fitness enthusiast in Australia, our fitness equipment simplifies the testing process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Browse our range of wall charts, jump testers, monitors and scales to add to your collection of physical fitness test equipment today, or contact us if you have any questions, and we can even create a quote for you!