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Resistance Bands & Tubing

Wondering how to add versatility to your workouts or searching for an effective way to build strength and flexibility? Buffalo Sports brings you the ultimate solution with our top-quality resistance bands and tubes. 

Why choose resistance bands and tubes?

  • Versatility — Resistance bands are incredibly versatile, offering various exercises to target multiple muscle groups.
  • Portable fitness — Compact and lightweight, resistance tubes are ideal for home workouts, travel or adding an extra challenge to your gym routine.
  • Joint-friendly — Gentle on joints, these tools provide a low-impact alternative to heavyweights, making them suitable for individuals at all fitness levels, including those in rehabilitation.

Transform your fitness experience with Buffalo Sports

Explore Buffalo Sports’ extensive range of resistance bands, crafted to meet the diverse needs of schools, sports clubs, sporting organisations and the general public. 

From fitness agility tools to balance and core strength equipment, boxing gear, fitness testing measurement tools, general fitness essentials, speed agility accessories, sports mats and flooring, Swiss balls accessories, weight training gear and yoga and Pilates essentials — we have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

Have questions or need assistance? Contact Buffalo Sports today for more information on resistance tubes and bands or to request a quote.


What are resistance bands and tubes used for?

Resistance bands and tubes are versatile fitness accessories for strength training, flexibility improvement and rehabilitation. They're ideal for developing muscle strength, enhancing joint mobility and aiding injury recovery.