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Digital Scoreboard Counters & Scoreboard Flipcharts

Enjoy a more competitive game with Buffalo Sports’ scoreboard counter.

Our scoreboard counter at Buffalo Sports is perfect for displaying the current score or round. If you want something non-digital, our flipchart scoreboard allows you to go old school and flip the score with your own dedicated scorekeeper.

With our digital scoreboard and flipchart, you can keep track of how many points each team has scored no matter what sport you’re playing. Capture the excitement of your epic athletic moments with our innovative digital scoreboard system.

Know where your team's score at with our digital scoreboard

A digital scoreboard is an excellent tool for improving your team's performance, inspiring better play and encouraging teamwork. Our scoreboard's large display, easy-to-read numbers and simple control panel make it ideal for any sport — be it on the soccer field, basketball court or hockey rink.

Buffalo Sports scoreboard counter is a modern interpretation of an age-old problem – keeping track of your team's score. This product lets coaches keep track of the statistics and progress without spending a fortune on official trainer products!

Purchase your team’s digital scoreboard from Buffalo Sports

Buffalo Sports features an easy-to-use flipchart scoreboard that helps keep track of scores and stats while also coming in convenient designs. The technology used in the digital scoreboard allows you to use it with any sports equipment. With this scoreboard, you can play exciting and lively games with lots of fun.

We take pride in our digital scoreboards' ability to help you keep track of scores, stats and more — no matter what type of sport you're playing. Whether you're coaching a sports team or a family member just signed up to play soccer, we have everything you need in one place. Beyond scoreboards, we at Buffalo Sports also have a wide range of other products for all your sporting needs. Check out our range of first aid kits, sports tape, sports vests and trophies to bring to your next sporting event.