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Speed Training Sled

Revolutionise your fitness routine with our speed sled, the ultimate tool for building sprinting speed and power. This dynamic sled push isn’t just a workout but a game-changer for your entire body and athleticism.

Unlock exceptional full-body power with speed training sleds

Are you an athlete who does a lot of sprinting at full speed? Or are you simply a fitness enthusiast who wants to develop pro-level strength and power? Speed sled training is perfect for your goals. This exercise not only boosts your overall performance but also torches calories, making every session a push or pull away from your fitness goals.

Customise your training with the option to add weights to the speed sled. It’s one way to intensify your workout with resistance that sculpts lean muscle and enhances endurance. Our speed sleds with harnesses and connecting leads ensure you can do push or pull training, depending on what aspect of your fitness you want to target.

Buy a speed training sled at Buffalo Sports

Tap into power you didn’t know you had with our speed sleds! Order your speed sled to use in your backyard or on an open field. Get ready for the power workout of your life.

If you’re looking to boost speed and agility on top of power, we have the equipment you need at Buffalo Sports. Check out our resistance training tools, reaction balls, speed ladders, agility poles and step hurdles. For school orders, create an account on our site and request a quote. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.