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Cricket Batting Gloves

Cricket Batting Pads & Gloves

Starting up a cricket team? Coaching your local school club? Or perhaps you’re just a long-time cricket enthusiast. No matter the reason, if you enjoy playing cricket, it’s important that you have all the right cricket accessories and gear, including a quality bat pad for cricket.

As one of Australia’s leading sports equipment providers, the team at Buffalo Sports is proud to offer a huge collection of indoor cricket equipment, including bats,balls, masks, pads and more. Browse our range today to find the gear you need or get in touch with our friendly staff for ordering assistance.

Cricket batting pad covers, gloves and other accessories

Cricket balls can travel at dangerously high speeds, which means that a dedicated bat pad for cricket is a must. Cricket batting pad covers help ensure that players stay safe and avoid debilitating injuries during games and training. Our cricket batting gloves also provide protection and comfort during play, as does our line of dedicated keeping pads and gloves.

Need a place to keep your gear? Our roomy cricket storage bags are the perfect way to keep all of your items easily accessible and organised.

Discover a range of cricket batting gloves and pads online at Buffalo Sports

Looking to outfit your players with the best cricket gear in Australia? Shop at Buffalo Sports! From comfortable cricket batting pad covers and cricket batting gloves to sturdy helmets, masks and other accessories, you’ll find everything you need when you shop with us. 

You can buy each item individually or get everything all in one place with our cricket kits. We also carry a range of other essential cricket equipment, such as stumps and nets for superior game setups.


Browse our entire collection of equipment today to find durable, affordable and ethical cricket gear in Australia.