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Boxing Gloves & Mitts

Boxing gloves, mitts and hand wraps


At Buffalo Sports, we offer a selection of high-quality boxing equipment that meets the needs of boxing enthusiasts at every level. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, our boxing gloves, mitts and hand wraps can help you throw more powerful punches without sacrificing comfort.

Unleash your power with boxing training gloves and more

As with any sport, you can fuel your performance with the right equipment. Choose between our Pro Series Boxing Gloves and Deluxe Competition Boxing Gloves. Both styles are made with high-grade leather, adjustable wrist straps and quality PU material. Featuring dense padding, our range of boxing gloves absorb impact and reduce the risk of hand injuries. Train harder and longer with confidence while maintaining your longevity in the sport.

To improve your punching technique and accuracy, our selection of boxing mitts is a game-changer. They offer the perfect platform to practice your strikes and combinations against a sparring partner or a coach. Our mitts are designed with target zones, allowing you to focus on specific punches and hone your accuracy in the ring.

Regardless of your skill level, hand wraps are an essential accessory to your boxing kit. Provide optimal stability and compression to your hands and wrists, reducing the risk of sprains and injuries during boxing sessions. We understand that comfort is as important as safety — and we made our hand wraps with breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, even inside your boxing gloves. With our user-friendly design, you can wrap your hands securely and enjoy a customised fit to maximise its benefits.

Increase your punching power with boxing training gloves from Buffalo Sports

If you’re looking for the best boxing gloves in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. At Buffalo Sports, we supply a premium collection of boxing equipment, starting from the most essential — boxing gloves. Shop our boxing gloves, boxing mitts and hand wraps below, available in different sizes and colours.

For more boxing equipment, check out our focus pads, punching bags, skipping ropes, protective gear and speedballs. You can also find general sports equipment and sports accessories at Buffalo Sports. Whatever you need, we offer fast delivery anywhere in Australia.

We supply sports and active play equipment to school clubs and provide quotes for orders. For any questions about our products, reach out to us — our team will be happy to assist!