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Fitness Testing & Measurement

Unlock the potential of your athletes with our top-of-the-line fitness testing equipment! Whether you’re a trainer, a coach or a physical education teacher, our equipment can help your athletes and students improve their fitness and overall health. 

Data-driven excellence with accurate fitness testing equipment

At Buffalo Sports, we understand that every athlete is unique — a one-size-fits-all approach won’t produce adequate results in fitness. That’s why we offer everything you’ll need in fitness testing equipment, from weighing scales and skinfold callipers to hand dynamometers and height jump testers. By gathering accurate and essential data, you can tailor training and athletic programs to your students’ individual strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Here’s an overview of how our fitness testing equipment can help:

  • Height jump testers: Measure explosive power and vertical jump capabilities that apply to various sports, including football, volleyball and basketball.
  • Physical tests: Ensure precise measurements of strength, flexibility and body composition to inform personalised training plans.
  • Scales and monitors: Get real-time feedback on essential health metrics like weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Track progress with Buffalo Sports’ complete fitness testing equipment in Australia

Empower your athletes to soar higher, perform better and conquer every challenge with data-driven insights. At Buffalo Sports, we supply fitness testing equipment in Australia, including fitness and health wall charts, height jump testers, physical tests and scales and monitors to help you collect information. Shop our complete fitness testing equipment below and optimise your programs with accurate data!

Looking for ways to make fitness fun? Browse our equipment for boxing, balance and core, resistance bands, speed and agility, weight training, yoga and Pilates and sports mats. You can create a quote for school clubs and sports organisations or contact us for more information!