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Sports Mats & Flooring

At Buffalo Sports, we deliver a wide range of sports mats and flooring for schools, clubs, sporting organisations and the general public. We offer an extensive range of products, all in stock and available for lightning-fast dispatch.

We distribute our unique brand, so we do not rely on other suppliers for our products. Additionally, our products are 100% free of child labour, giving you total peace of mind.

A wide range of gym mats and flooring

Our range of sports mats and flooring includes gym mats, sports mats, folding gym floor mats and interlocking mats. We also offer tumbling runs for gymnastics and fitness testing and measurement equipment.

For weight training, we have a range of weight plates, bars and weightlifting accessories. We also provide yoga and Pilates mats for those interested in these forms of exercise.

Quality gym mats and accessories without breaking the bank

At Buffalo Sports, we provide the best exercise mats and sports accessories without breaking the bank. Our sports mats and flooring are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for athletes of all ages to train and compete.

If you're interested in purchasing our gym floor mats and flooring, you can browse our range of products. For quotation requests, you can visit our Create a Quote page. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Invest in quality sports mats and flooring today

Investing in quality sports mats and flooring is essential for any school, club or sporting organisation. At Buffalo Sports, we're committed to providing only the best products at an affordable price. Shop now and experience the difference our sports mats and flooring can make for your athletes.

We also offer wholesale products for those who need to purchase in bulk. If you're interested in our wholesale products, please contact us separately to discuss your needs.