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Balance & Core Strength

Balance balls and wobble boards


Looking to build core strength and stability? Skip the crunches, sit-ups and side bends and grab a balance ball or a wobble board instead. While the usual exercises target the superficial core muscles or the abs, you can develop real strength and improve athletic performance by training your deep core muscles. And you can do that by incorporating our range of core-strengthening equipment into your exercise routine.

Core strength and stability-building tools

Whether for followers of gentle practices like Yoga or Pilates, dedicated athletes with a weight training routine or children doing active play, balance equipment is something you can always benefit from using. Core stability trainers like the Yoga stability balance pads, balance ball trainers and wobble boards are designed to challenge your core on unstable surfaces.

If you shake, don’t worry! Part of the process of using balance fitness equipment is engaging your midsection to maintain stability, strengthening and stabilising your deep core muscles. These are the best exercise equipment for strengthening the core while also improving posture, preventing back injuries and enhancing athletic performance.

No need to worry about safety — you’re never too far from the ground when you stand on balance equipment. Practise your stability near a wall, a handle or even a chair as you’re still getting used to the workout. And when you’re ready to take things to the next level, incorporate single-leg balancing exercises, squats and lunges for added leg strength. We also have balance ball trainers with handles to help build upper body strength.

The best part is the lightweight quality of balance fitness equipment. Take your stability ball or wobble board anywhere and never miss an effective core strengthening workout.

Invest in portable balance equipment from Buffalo Sports

Browse our selection of balance equipment below and invest in tools that can shake up repetitive core training. We have stability balls and wobble boards to help you develop functional core strength and stability.

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We also supply sports equipment to school clubs and provide quotes for orders. For any questions about our products, reach out to us — our team will be happy to assist!