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Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads & Gloves

Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads & Gloves

Wicket Keeping Gloves & Pads

The wicket-keeper is arguably the most important part of any fielding setup. Having to combine lightning-quick reactions with nerves of steel, the wicket-keeper often doesn’t have very long to react to game-changing situations.

That’s why the wicket-keeper should be afforded the best cricket wicket keeping gloves and pads so that they can concentrate solely on the matter at hand. Purchase your cricket wicket keeping gloves and other safety equipment at Buffalo Sports today to ensure your team’s most valuable asset is well protected.

Cricket wicket gloves and other necessities for keepers

There are 3 main safety accessories that every wicketkeeper cannot do without:

  • Cricket wicket keeping pads
Designed to be extra tough to protect against accurate bowls, when in a crouched position, these pads protect legs and torso.
  • Cricket wicket keeping gloves
Complete with essential webbing and hardened finger protection, these gloves are a keeper’s best friend and tool for high-speed balls.
  • Wicket keeping catching mask

When you have cricket balls flying at you at high speed, you need to feel confident that you have adequate protection for your face.

Order your cricket wicket keeping gloves and pads today

Buffalo Sports recognises the outstanding work that Australia’s outdoor and indoor wicket-keepers do and has produced cricket wicket keeping pads and gloves worthy of their difficult task.

All of our wicket-keeper equipment and accessories have been produced to the same high production and ethical standards as the rest of our products, so all you keepers can be sure you are well protected in your position.

Browse the Buffalo Sports website and purchase the finest of indoor cricket wicket keeping gloves, protective pads and other vital cricket equipment today. Please note that our stock is available in large quantities with the option to have expedited dispatch. Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about your online order.