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Swimming & Snorkeling

Swimming & Aquatics Equipment

Whether that be at beaches, in lakes, creeks or between the lanes at the local swimming pool, in Australia, we truly love swimming. If you need swimming equipment for training, a carnival or for some fun in the backyard pool, we have everything online at Buffalo Sports.

Equipment for Olympic swimming

With a long history of dominating water sports at the Olympics and Aussie swimmers nabbing gold, silver and bronze on the podium throughout the years, Australia has been churning out swimming superstars for years. At Buffalo Sports, we provide quality swimming training equipment including flippers, goggles, hand paddles, buoys, finger paddles, earplugs, nose clips, kickboards and silicone and latex swimming caps. And when it comes to awarding all the hard work and training, we also offer a range of swimming ribbons.

All your aquatic and leisure needs

If you’re looking for some new aquatic training equipment for kids lessons, group classes, physiotherapy or for fun, we have a range of over 5000 quality products that include water noodles in all shapes and sizes.

Outdoor swimming enthusiasts will be able to buy swimming equipment online from our selection including the latest in snorkelling gear — with deep-sea professional snorkel sets and diver necessities for your next trip to the beach.

Since 1972 we have been supplying training pools, aquatic centres, schools and individuals across Australia with all the swimming equipment needed. We also provide swimming necessities to over 20 different countries across the world.

If you’re searching for a swimming equipment shop look no further than Buffalo Sports to pick up everything you need in one convenient location. Buy goggles, swimming caps, flippers, kickboards, pool noodles and more — head online to Buffalo Sports today.