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Foam Shapes & Kits

Foam Shapes & Kits

Foam Vaulting Box

Are you looking for sports accessories perfect for kids without breaking the bank? Buffalo Sports has got you covered! Our foam shapes & kits are a great addition to any school or gymnastic club, but they also make for fantastic personal use. Coming in various sports-friendly sizes and shapes, you’re bound to find the right equipment to suit any activity.

Whether you’re looking for a foam vaulting box, a trapezoid foam vaulting box, foam wedges, pyramid balance benches or more — we have it all at an incredible price.

Browse our foam shapes & kits forms for active play

Our foam vaulting boxes come with anti-slip non-toxic ripstop vinyl covers that are incredibly easy to clean and wipe down. We also provide PE foam centres of medium density that provide just enough cushion and grip to keep your children safe while they’re having fun.

With Buffalo Sports kits & shapes, your kids will have plenty of fun sticking and landing safely all the time! Have questions about our other products? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Let your kids exercise anywhere, anytime with Buffalo Sports

At Buffalo Sports, our goal is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Our foam shapes and kits withstand hours of intense training and exercise with no damage whatsoever. Not only do they offer more stability and shock absorption than standard equipment, but they also encourage balance, coordination and agility while working out.

This makes them a great choice for athletes of all ages who want the best sports accessories available today. So what are you waiting for? Get your Buffalo Sports — foam shapes & kits now! With this range of premium sports accessories and soft play equipment, you can bring excitement and dynamism into any gym session — let the active play begin!