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Swimming Caps & Goggles

Swimming Cap & Goggles

A trip to the pool wouldn’t be complete without the right pair of swimming goggles and a sturdy swimming cap — and, luckily, our team here at Buffalo Sports has exactly what you need for your next swimming session. Shop our range of swimming caps, swimming goggles and other swimming necessities online today.

Swimming goggles and caps for every need

Whether your swimming team is just starting or you’ve already gone pro, our swim caps and swim goggles are just what you need to succeed in the pool.

Our silicone or latex swimming caps will help protect your hair from pool chemicals and bright sunshine. For competitive swimmers, a cap is also ideal for helping keep hair out of your face for clearer vision and making you more aerodynamic by reducing drag. We carry a range of affordable caps in all the colours of the rainbow.

As for swimming goggles, no other accessory is quite so important. Goggles help protect your eyes from chemicals and salt water, offer better underwater vision, and help beginner swimmers feel more comfortable in the water. Our range of swimming goggles comes in various colours, styles and sizes. Adjustable head straps make it easy to manipulate these goggles to fit, and the various goggle options come with features such as anti-fog lenses, metallic finishes and more.

Discover superior swimming supplies at Buffalo Sports

Swimming is a sport anyone can enjoy, so be sure to outfit yourself the right way with our ethically sourced supplies the next time you’re heading to the pool or seaside! A swimming cap and goggles are just the start; be sure also to check out our kickboards, flippers and other aids. And if you’re a swimming coach or teacher, look at our fabulous swimming ribbons for an easy and fun way to motivate your swimmers.