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Modified & Plastic Cricket

Modified & Plastic Cricket

Modified Cricket Sets

In the past, people have been intimidated by the weight and dangers posed by real cricket equipment. This has often stood as a barrier to attracting new members to the cricketing community. To counter this, plastic cricket bat sets have become more readily available — opening the game of cricket to players of all ages and abilities.

Modified cricket equipment is not only one of the best ways to introduce young and novice players to the cricketing world, it’s also a great, fully portable cricket game that can be enjoyed wherever you are.

Buffalo Sports offers a large selection of modified cricket equipment

At Buffalo Sports, we are proud to offer a wide range of plastic cricket sets to open up the world of cricket to a wider audience.

We produce and supply our own plastic cricket bat sets and other cricket accessories so that we can control the production process all the way through to the delivery to our customers. This has 3 major benefits, which include:

  • Guaranteeing an ethical production process and that all of our equipment is 100% child labour free.

  • Ensuring all of our equipment is available in large quantities and with fast dispatch, making it ideal for schools and sporting clubs as well as individuals.

  • By producing items such as the plastic cricket bat ourselves, we reduce overhead costs to pass these savings to our customers.

Order your plastic cricket set from Buffalo Sports today

If you need to order a new plastic cricket bat set for your sports team, youth club or next beach holiday, you’ve come to the right place. Buffalo Sports has one of the largest selections of indoor and outdoor suitable modified cricket equipment in Australia, and it’s all available to purchase now. If you have any questions about our range of equipment, you are welcome to contact our expert team at any time.