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Aerobic Steps

It’s time to introduce an aerobic fitness step into your workout routine. Its remarkable versatility makes it a valuable tool for both strength and cardio training. Shop our wide selection of sports equipment in Australia at Buffalo Sports today!

Add an aerobic step to your cardio routine

An aerobic fitness step is the perfect solution for boosting your heart rate. From lunges to step-ups, follow along with an instructor or online videos, and let the music carry you through an exhilarating workout. Adjust the intensity on-the-fly, oscillating between peak moments and well-deserved rests.

Use an aerobic step for strength training

If you're a fan of weight training, a step adds the perfect dose of intensity to your routine. While it's commonly associated with lower body workouts, don't underestimate its potential for upper body training. Incorporate push-ups with your hands resting on the step while your feet stay grounded. The versatility of an aerobic step knows no bounds, making it an excellent addition to your school or sports club's fitness offerings.

Try an aerobic fitness step for lower body workouts 

Looking for an alternative to a bulky fitness bench? While an aerobic step can't replace a professional training bench, it offers a compact and versatile solution. It's space-efficient, making it ideal for lighter weight training and seamlessly adapting to dynamic workouts. Whether you're switching between chest presses and lunges or engaging in group lessons, an aerobic step is perfect for your diverse fitness needs. 

Shop our range of workout equipment in Australia at Buffalo Sports 

Ready to improve your agility? Explore Buffalo Sports' range of aerobic fitness steps, foam rollers, mini trampolines and skipping ropes to help you get moving. Whether you’re part of a school, a sports club or an individual looking for fitness equipment in Australia, we’ve got you covered with our easy quote options. Any questions? Contact our team and we’d be happy to help.