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Basketball Post Pads

Basketball Post Pads

Basketball Post Padding

If ever there was a universal sport, it’s got to be basketball. It’s fun, simple to understand and can easily be played by beginners and experts alike. But with all those players and balls flying about, basketball can also cause some safety concerns, which is why it’s so important to buy basketball goal post padding to protect those playing. Here at Buffalo Sports, you’ll find a range of essential basketball accessories, including basketball pole pads in various sizes and colours. Shop online with us today for access to some of Australia’s best and most affordable basketball goal post padding.

Stay safe with quality basketball goal post padding

Whether you are buying a new basketball tower, backboard, ring and net or are looking at ways to make your basketball setup safer, consider investing in our durable and high-quality basketball pole pads.

All of our basketball goal post paddings are specifically designed to help protect your tower from damage and your players from getting hurt during a collision. Made from thick foam for maximum protection and available in a variety of sizes, our basketball pole pads will allow any club or team to easily meet insurance requirements for your court.

Our pads are available in both cylindrical and flat padding designs and come complete with waterproof and rip-resistant covers. To install, simply place them around the post and attach the velcro straps at the back. Have a unique tower design that won’t work with standard padding? Get in touch with us online for more information about our custom padding options.

Stock up on essential basketball accessories at Buffalo Sports

While you are buying your new basketball goal post paddings, make sure to also check out the rest of our basketball training accessories and gear. From rubber and synthetic composite basketballs and complete basketball kits to coaching equipment, storage solutions and scoreboards, we have everything you need, whether you are buying for yourself or managing a team. Shop at Australia’s one-stop shop for all things basketball today and enjoy fast shipping nationwide.