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Stopwatches & Timers

At Buffalo Sports, we stock one of Australia's most comprehensive selections of high-quality stopwatches and timers. Explore our selection today to find precision instruments that add excitement to your timing needs.

Unleash precision with sports timers

Precision is paramount in sports, and our sports timers are designed to deliver just that. Whether you're a coach striving for excellence or an athlete chasing personal bests, our stopwatches and timers are your trusty companions.

Quality, ethical, affordable

At Buffalo Sports, we take pride in distributing our own unique brand, which is 100% free of child labour. Moreover, we understand the importance of affordability and believe everyone, from schools to sports clubs and the general public, should have access to top-quality stopwatches and timers without breaking the bank.

Your one-stop sporting solution

While we specialise in providing the best stopwatches and timers in Australia, Buffalo Sports is your one-stop solution for all your sporting needs. Our extensive range of general fitness equipment covers everything from aerobic steps to foam rollers, mini trampolines, skipping ropes and more. Combine our sports timers with other accessories to create a fun and active experience that fosters creativity and movement!

Ready to enhance your fitness journey? Explore our vast range of products today, create a quote or sign up for a school account to unlock exclusive perks and special discounts. For enquiries on buying wholesale, contact us today.