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Juggling Equipment

Step into the mesmerising world of juggling with our juggling equipment for all ages and skill levels. From juggling balls to spin sticks, Buffalo Sports carries all you need for juggling equipment in Australia.

Develop juggling skills with equipment suited for all ages and skill levels

Our beginner juggling equipment includes balls and rings — must-haves for anyone looking to master the art of juggling. Made from durable and lightweight materials, these juggling kits can help you devote hours of practice without breaking. The bright colours help with visual distinction and add a touch of vibrancy to dazzle an audience.

After mastering basic juggling equipment, take your juggling skills to the next level with our spin sticks. These fascinating props add flair and creativity to your routines with impressive tricks. They are made of soft and rubber-coated foam, making them lightweight and easier to hold and manipulate. 

Juggling is more than a party trick. It’s a physical activity that combines skill, coordination and creativity. Stimulate your mind, develop hand eye-coordination and quick reflexes and engage in physical activity as you learn how to juggle multiple objects. 

Discover the joys and benefits of juggling with our juggling kits

Our juggling kits allow you to progress from basic three-ball juggling to more complicated patterns and tricks. Whatever your skill level, there is a vast array of routines that will both challenge you and captivate your audience. 

Get your juggling equipment in Australia from us. We also carry different throwing and catching equipment here at Buffalo Sports that will help you discover new skills and loads of fun.

For any questions about our products, reach out to us — our team will be happy to assist!