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Cricket Bats Kashmir Willow

Cricket Bats Kashmir Willow

For most avid cricket players, the most treasured possession in their kit bag is always their cricket bat. As you partner up against the fearsome unknown bowling styles of your opposition, you need to be able to rely on your bat — and choosing a Kashmir Willow cricket bat is a great place to start.

Why you should choose a Kashmir Willow cricket bat

The wood used to produce Kashmir Willow cricket bats is sourced from the same Salix alba willow tree used to make most English willow bats; the only difference is that it is grown in Kashmir.

The warmer climate of Kashmir provides willows grown there with a slightly higher density than the willow grown in the UK. This means that your Kashmir Willow cricket bat offers you great longevity and high levels of resistance to the wear and tear experienced in regular games of cricket.

Generally speaking, it’s also a lot cheaper to produce a lightweight Kashmir Willow cricket bat due to the cost of timber being far lower in the region. So, on average, a high-quality Kashmir Willow cricket bat will cost you less than an English Willow bat.

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Whether you are looking to purchase a Kashmir Willow cricket bat for your club, school or yourself, make sure you shop with Buffalo Sports. As a completely independent retailer, we stock our own ranges of cricket equipment and cricket accessories. This means our prices are kept low without sacrificing quality, ethics, or tradesmanship. We are proud to say that all of our equipment is 100% child labour free and sourced from sustainable suppliers.

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