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Sport Safe Mouthguards

Whether it’s you, your child or the youths you coach in question, a mouthguard is essential for many sports and may be required for participation. We carry a couple of different sports mouthguards for oral protection. Check out their features to see the right one for your needs.

Sportsafe mouthguards are vital for multiple sports

Most people think sports mouthguards are only for activities like football, rugby and martial arts. And they’re right! Those sports definitely demand mouth protection. Getting elbowed or kicked in the face or being tackled comes with the territory. 

But did you know that many other sports also risk tooth and mouth damage? Some sports, like netball, basketball and soccer, have occasional body contact. The higher the level you play at, the more contact there is, so the greater the hazard.

There’s also the chance of being hit in the mouth with a ball. The same applies to volleyball, baseball and cricket, among other sports. Sportsafe mouthguards were created to keep players safe, whether young kids, teens or adults. 

Without mouthguards, kids can damage their primary teeth, adult teeth or orthodonture, resulting in long-term consequences. And, of course, it's equally devastating when adults suffer dental injuries. 

Our Standard Mouthguard gives excellent protection

We have two types of mouthguards for sport. Our Standard Mouthguard is available in junior and senior sizes and comes in five colours. Just heat the mouthguard in hot water and shape it to the user’s mouth for the ideal fit. A storage case is included to keep the mouthguard clean and make it easy to transport.

Our Deluxe Anti Shock Mouthguard is a step up in comfort and customisation

For serious athletes, the Buffalo Sports Deluxe Anti Shock Mouthguard offers a heavy-duty rubber shock frame with a gel fit liner for ultimate protection and a comfortable fit. 

Available in 12 colour combinations and two sizes, this mouthguard has breathing channels to allow easy breathing, even when the user’s teeth are clenched. Athletes always appreciate this feature to avoid becoming winded or prone to gagging. 

Buffalo Sports has mouthguards for sport and all the accessories you need

In addition to sports mouthguards, Buffalo Sports offers a full array of equipment for virtually every sport, like teamwear, footwear, active play gear and handy sports accessories. We aim to give you everything under one roof for your school, club or team. This frees you up to play or coach, which is, of course, your primary focus. 

Whether it’s tackle bags and post pads or fitness equipment you need or extras like first aid kits and water bottle carriers, Buffalo Sports has it all online. We ship throughout Australia, offer warehouse pickups in Melbourne, and guarantee no child labour involved in manufacturing any of our products. Ring us at (03) 9387 6022 or get in touch online to let us know what you need.