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Orienteering Equipment

Not only is orienteering a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors, but you're exercising your mind too — a win-win if you ask us! At Buffalo Sports, we appreciate that there are a number of different sports and hobbies people like to participate in during their spare time, which is why we stock a variety of products in our online store. If you need to buy orienteering equipment, we have an assortment of products to prepare you for all the elements.

Everything you need for your next excursion

In the grand pursuit of navigating a map to be the first team to discover a secret final location, you’ll require a number of items to ensure the orienteering expedition runs smoothly. Whether stocking up on orienteering equipment for your club, school camp or next weekend social outing, you’ll need to source all the bells and whistles. 

At Buffalo Sports you’ll find all the orienteering necessities, including:


  • Field compasses

  • Silva carry cases

  • Control punches

  • Punch cards

  • Games books

  • Lesson plans

  • Silva control markers

  • Stickers


We carry high-quality products designed to ensure your competition hits all the essential points. The last thing you need is a compass that doesn’t point in the right direction! Shop our catalogue of over 5000 products today to find everything you need in one convenient location.

As a trusted leader in sports goods brands, we have been providing orienteering equipment to schools and adventure enthusiasts across Australia since 1972. We have also become an international supplier, selling products to over 20 different countries.

If you need to stock up on compasses, carry cases and markers for a successful day of orienteering, we are here to help you find everything you need. Head online to Buffalo Sports to buy Orienteering equipment today.