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Post Pads

Post Pads

Goal Post Pads & Foam Goal Post Padding

Don't settle for the worn-out, slumping goals that you have now. Buffalo Sports goal post pads will keep your posts standing tall, soft on the outside and firm on the inside. It's the most comfortable, long-lasting and versatile set of goal post pads!

Hit your team's goals with our foam post padding

Our pads are made with a patented foam and compression system that absorbs more impact while remaining lighter than traditional pads. They can withstand extreme weather and are easy to attach to poles. Thanks to its unbeatable protection, comfort and durability, you can take your team to the next level.

Goal post pads can be used for multiple sports, including football and lacrosse. These pads protect teams from injuries while playing such high-contact sports. By buying goal post pads, you can feel more comfortable around the goal post area.

Our goal post pads are available in a variety of colours and sizes so they can fit every player's needs. These pads are made of lightweight foam and come in various colours, so you can select the one that best represents your team. Designed for both women's lacrosse and men's soccer, our foam post padding offers maximum comfort and protection.

Buy goal post pads from Buffalo Sports

Buffalo Sports offers the most safety-focused goal post pads on the market. As football goal posts are known to cause injuries to players, we protect athletes with our goal post pads and foam post padding that provides the safest approach possible to football.

Check our website today to buy a goal post pad or browse more sports accessories including starting equipment like a starting pistol and air horn, sports bibs and vests, mouthguards and more!