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Speed & Floor to Ceiling Balls

Boxing & floor to ceiling speedballs


Improve your boxing skills with our top-of-the-line speedballs at Buffalo Sports. We crafted these training tools to suit boxing enthusiasts of all levels, from amateurs to experienced athletes. Start training with speedballs for boxing today and boost your precision, speed and hand-eye coordination.

Sharpen your reflexes with speedballs

There’s no better way to build lightning-speed reflexes than boxing with speedball boxing bags. As you strike and dodge, these test your hand-eye coordination, enabling you to react swiftly and accurately to your opponent’s movements in a match.

More than reflexes, speedballs help refine your technique. The small target surface of speedballs challenges you to hit with pinpoint accuracy, while the unpredictable movement of floor-to-ceiling boxing bags forces you to adjust your punches on the fly.

Customisable speedballs for your height

We made our speedballs with durability in mind, ensuring they remain robust even through heavy beatings. With high-quality latex and leather, PU foam and double stitching, our speedballs for boxing provide optimal rebound and responsiveness.

The best part is that you can instal our speedballs to suit your height using wall frames available here at Buffalo Sports. Our floor-to-ceiling balls also come with adjustable elastic cords, allowing you to modify the ball’s height and tension. Whether you want to focus on head-level strikes or work on lower-body movements, our speedballs and wall-to-ceiling balls can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Enhance your precision with speedballs from Buffalo Sports

Train like a professional with the best speedballs for boxing here at Buffalo Sports. Strike with precision and reach incredible speeds that will leave your opponents in awe.

Browse our range of wall-mounted speedballs and floor-to-ceiling balls to refine your boxing technique. We also offer wall frames and swivels to complete your installation. And for the ultimate training setup, shop our punching bags, boxing gloves, protective gear, focus shields, skipping ropes, sports equipment and accessories and get fast delivery anywhere in Australia.

We supply sports and active play equipment to school clubs and provide quotes for orders. For any questions about our products, reach out to us — our team will be happy to assist!