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Cricket Thigh Pads, Abdominal and Chest Guards

Cricket Thigh Pads, Abdominal and Chest Guards

Cricket Thigh Pads, Abdominal and Chest Guards

As the quality of bowling deliveries has increased in both speed and accuracy in recent years, it has never been as important to provide yourself with correct batting protection while playing cricket. At Buffalo Sports, we understand that taking a knock is part of the game, but it’s also incredibly important to protect yourself to the best of your ability.

As such, we have an expansive range of safety equipment and accessories, including a cricket abdominal guard and a cricket chest guard vest to provide additional protection so you can keep playing your favourite sport in the safest way.

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The Buffalo Sports safety equipment range is designed to cover your most delicate and vulnerable areas during your batting session, these include:

  • Cricket abdominal guard
Every cricketer will be familiar with the trusty cricket abdominal guard or ‘box’. When worn with a cricket abdominal guard supporter, this piece of cricket kit can be your best friend.
  • Cricket thigh pads
After your face, shins and hands, the most exposed area of your body is your thigh. Make sure you protect yourself by wearing a cricket thigh pad set to save your legs for those match-winning runs.
  • Cricket chest guard

Body shots happen far too regularly for you not to be prepared. By wearing a cricket chest guard vest, you offer yourself some protection from severely debilitating blows.

Stay safe with Buffalo Sports

Keep yourself and your team protected from damaging injuries today with Buffalo Sports cricketing equipment produced to both the highest quality of production and ethical standards possible. If you have any questions about any of the safety equipment we provide, contact us today so our team can talk you through the best cricket equipment for your needs.