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Step Hurdles

Ready to elevate your training and take your agility to the next level? At Buffalo Sports, we understand the importance of agility in achieving peak athletic performance. Whether you're a dedicated athlete, coach or fitness enthusiast, our range of step hurdles is designed to empower your training and help you reach new heights.

Versatility in your training equipment

Discover the flexibility and versatility that step hurdles bring to your training sessions. If you’re seeking equipment that adapts to various workout routines, step hurdles offer a dynamic solution catering to your ever-changing fitness needs.

Boost your agility and coordination

Are you on a quest to enhance your agility and coordination? Step hurdles are the answer. As they’re tailored to improve your quickness and responsiveness, these hurdles provide a challenging yet rewarding workout experience.

Elevate your training with Buffalo Sports

Established in 1972, Buffalo Sports has evolved from a humble beginning to become one of the world's leading sporting goods brands. We offer the best sports accessories without compromising quality or affordability. 

Ready to enhance your speed and agility training? Explore our wide range of step hurdles and other sports equipment. From agility poles and reaction balls to resistance agility training tools, speed ladders and speed sleds — we have everything you need to take your training to new heights. 

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What is the use of step hurdles?

Step hurdles are versatile training tools designed to enhance agility, coordination and overall athletic performance. They are commonly used in fitness routines, sports training and rehabilitation exercises. Step hurdles help individuals improve their ability to navigate obstacles, increase foot speed and improve control and balance.