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Touch Footballs

Touch Football Ball

Do you need to stock up on a large number of new touch footy balls for your school? Or are you after a single touch ball to practice for your upcoming touch footy ball game with the local sports club? Buffalo Sports has been the proud provider of professional-grade athletics equipment for decades, gear that is both affordable and high-quality for everyone to use. 

Our exciting range of touch football balls 

Regardless of whether you enjoy a game of touch football professionally or casually, you’ll find the right touch footy balls in our available selection. Our touch football equipment has everything you need to have fun and play a game, including:

  • Touch football balls— If you’re after a touch footy ball for an NRL or beach rugby game, we’ve got you covered with a vast selection of touch balls with different grips and materials to suit your needs. We even have pro, international-level footballs with premium four-ply construction, quality grip and anti-leak technology that you can count on for the long haul. 

  • Whistles — Supervising a touch footy ball game? Our nickel-plated brass whistle is easy to blow and produces a high volume sound to make coaching on a large field a breeze. 


Buffalo Sports —your reliable retailer for touch footy balls

Buffalo Sports is the one-stop-shop to meet all your sports needs with top-quality athletic supplies always in stock and affordably priced. We don’t just stock touch football balls, but also carry a wide selection of touch, tag, gridiron and Gaelic equipment, American football balls, and tag and flag football equipment.

To enquire about our availability of stock or how to shop wholesale, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.