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Buffalo Sports Whistles

Buffalo Sports is your one-stop shop for all sports accessories, and our range of sports whistles is no exception. From plastic sports whistles to metal ones, our selection provides every whistle you need for your next sports meet.

Whether you need a metal sports whistle, an electronic whistle or a pealess option with a clear and loud sound that’s impossible to miss amidst a roaring crowd, we have options that include lanyards and varying finger grip styles.

Sports whistles for coaches, teachers, referees and sporting enthusiasts

Designed for sports use and with various pitches available, our whistles deliver outstanding sound quality every time. You can choose from small to large sizes and varying materials based on the environment you will be using them in. Whether you need electronic or pealess whistles, we stock a variety with fast dispatch. All our sporting accessories are made 100% free of child labour and unethical manufacturing practices. Plus, with our reasonable prices and high quality, you wouldn’t have to break the bank to have sporting equipment and accessories that last.

Shop top-grade equipment today at Buffalo Sports

For those looking to buy sports whistles wholesale, please contact us for us to arrange your order. Aside from our whistles, we also have a vast supply of other sports accessories and equipment, such as bibs and vests, mouth guards, sports tape and first aid kits. 

Also, keep a look-out for our new products! We drop new items such as footballs and tennis rackets, so there’s always something new to try in our selection.

Shop top-grade sports whistles and more today at Buffalo Sports!