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Hit Shields & Tackle Bags

Elevate your rugby training with our premium rugby equipment. Designed for durability and impact resistance, our rugby tackle bags are essential for players looking to improve their tackling technique safely. 

Moreover, our hit shields for rugby collections offer varied sizes and densities, catering to all levels of play and ensuring effective, real-world training scenarios.

Level up your game with premium rugby gear

Ready to take your rugby training to the next level? Browse our extensive product range today, request a quote or sign up for a school account to access exclusive benefits and discounts. For wholesale enquiries, contact us now and suit up for success on the field.



What other rugby equipment do you sell?

Beyond our robust selection of tackling bags and tackle shields designed to enhance training and player safety, we offer a comprehensive array of equipment catering to both rugby league and union enthusiasts:

  • Premium rugby union balls, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of union play
  • A wide range of rugby protective gear, including headgear and tackling suits, to shield players during the game