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Cricket nets

Cricket Nets

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect — and dedicating plenty of time to training is incredibly important for cricketers of all levels. From aspiring future world cricket captains to your local sports team heroes, everyone needs a bit of quality time brushing up in the cricket nets.

Getting you and your team ready for the next big match in the outdoor or indoor cricket nets can be the difference between victory and defeat, and that’s why Buffalo Sports has a range of cricket net options to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Your first choice for quality cricket nets

Whether you’re looking to work on your boundary shots, sweeps or defensive play, Buffalo Sports has the right cricket net for you. We offer portable pop up target nets as well as outdoor and indoor cricket nets in the following sizes (all sizes are in feet):

  • 40 x 10
  • 60 x 10
  • 80 x 10
  • 100 x 10

All of the cricket nets we produce are manufactured from highly robust polyethylene — a heavyweight and UV protected material that can withstand hard-hit cricket balls while also weathering the direct heat of the Australian sun.

Please note that our range of outdoor and indoor cricket nets do not include installation or fixings; we only supply the physical nets themselves.

Contact us today to discuss your cricket net options

As with all of our cricket products, a high-quality and ethical production process are of the utmost importance to us. All of the products we sell are child labour free, and we constantly check the quality and manufacturing standards of the suppliers we deal with.

Contact us today to get one or more Buffalo Sports outdoor or indoor cricket nets delivered to your cricket club. With a bit of practice, we know that all of your shots will soon be heading to the boundary!